A new website, blog and name........Welcome

For sometime, I have been toying with the idea of changing my business name. Originally I operated as Thomas Broom - The Florist. But, when you work in horticulture ,  people assume that your surname is Bloom. I worked in Japan for a few years and was always called Mr Bloom-san, a Finnish magazine once called me Mr Bloom; in fact everyone calls me Thomas Bloom!  It  was a no-brainer - The new company would be called Thomas Bloom.

Thomas Bloom Ltd, has officially launched today (01/05/2015) and we are looking forward to the future, operating under a new brand name; as we head into the  summer full of flowers and floral engagements.

Garden Gathered is the name of my new blog. I have flirted with blogging in the past and Garden Gathered will be more of an inspirational tool for anyone who shares my love of flowers and gardens. Part of my ethos is to be as sustainable as possible - growing and gardening organically, using predominantly British, locally grown and slow flowers and at the same time being completely seasonal. Flowers at Thomas Bloom are all about the now -  what you see in the hedgerows, what is in the garden at that time. This is something I stick to steadfastly

 I also believe in inspiring people. Over the last few of years, I have spent a great deal of time teaching and inspiring people about gardening and floristry. This is something that I get so much enjoyment from and will be developing more in the future. Garden Gathered will be a tool of inspiration too. It will include how-to guides for floristry, what to sow and grow in your garden and profiles of flowers I adore, including masses of pictures!. Watch this space for updates. 

So without further ado, I welcome you all to a flowery future with Thomas Bloom.